Welcome to the Labour Hire Authority's July e-News

31 July 2020

The Labour Hire Authority continues to undertake licensing, education, compliance and enforcement activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Authority has finalised over 3,300 labour hire licence applications. Over half the total applications received were either incomplete or had incorrect information which has required the Authority to request further information from applicants or verify information with other Victorian, Commonwealth and interstate agencies. The Authority has requested further information to be able to assess complete applications rather than simply refusing labour hire licence applications.

Our team has sent over 2,800 written requests for information and has made thousands of phone calls to applicants.

The remaining applications that are being assessed were lodged more recently or they have minor or significant issues. Minor issues, for example, include: 

  • Applicants were asked to provide further information for completeness. 
  • Applicants sought to reopen, change and resubmit their applications as a company not an individual or to update the nominated officer to a person responsible for the actual day to day running of the business.

There are also a large number of applications that have significant issues such as applicants:

  • not responding to requests for missing or further information.
  • were asked for further information about how they are paying their workers and through which enterprise agreements, awards or other industrial instruments.
  • were identified as potentially involved in sham contracting.
  • are under review following an applicant’s fit and proper person test – for example there may be a history of breaching criminal or workplace laws.
  • are identified in intelligence or information the Authority has received about non-compliance.