I want to cancel my licence

How do I cancel my licence?

Requests to cancel a licence can only be made by the nominated officer, or another person authorised to make the request (such as an officer, company director or secretary).

Requests must be made in writing. To cancel a licence, nominated officers must complete a cancellation form and return it to the Authority. You can request a cancellation form by calling 1300 52 54 00 or emailing: enquiries@labourhireauthority.vic.gov.au.

The Authority will process your request on receipt of the completed and signed form. Once the cancellation is processed you will receive a ‘Notice of Cancellation’ confirming that the licence has been cancelled. This notice will be sent to you via email and will be accessible via your LHLO portal account.

What are the consequences of cancelling my licence?

It is important that the licensed provider understands the consequences of cancelling the licence.  When a licence is cancelled it ceases to be in force. This means the former licence holder is no longer authorised to provide labour hire services.  A cancelled licence cannot be restored or reinstated. 

Cancelling a licence on request does not prevent the former licence holder from applying for a new licence at a time in the future.

What are my continuing obligations after cancelling my licence?

You must cease operating the labour hire business as of the cancellation date.  If you provide labour hire services without a current licence you may face substantial fines with a maximum penalty exceeding $120,000 for a natural person and $520,000 for a corporation. 

There are also continuing obligations that follow the cancellation of a licence. A former licence holder is obliged to retain all documents relating to the business of providing labour hire services, for 6 years after the licence ceases to be in force and make it available for inspection.  If you do not make those documents available for inspection you may be exposed to significant fines, with a maximum penalty exceeding $120,000.