Apply for a Labour Hire Licence

How do I obtain a licence?

Providers can now apply through the LHLO portal accessed from the home page of this website.

Applications will require a range of information including:

  • full name, address and date of birth of the applicant
  • if the applicant is a body corporate, the full name, address and date of birth of each officer of the body corporate
  • whether the applicant is registered with the Australian Taxation Office and WorkSafe Victoria
  • the number of workers supplied by the applicant to hosts during the 12-month period before the date of the application, and any information prescribed by the regulations in relation to those workers or, if the applicant is not yet but intends to conduct a labour hire business, then the number of workers the applicant expects to supply to hosts in the next 12 months
  • the industrial instruments that determine (or will determine) the terms and conditions of employment or engagement of those workers
  • whether those workers hold (or will hold) temporary work visas, and if so, the number of workers who hold such visas and the types of visas they hold
  • the industry or industries in relation to which the applicant is providing labour hire services and intends to provide labour hire services
  • whether there is an intention to provide transport or accommodation to the workers
  • whether any person relevantly connected to the application has or may have contravened a labour hire industry law, a workplace law or minimum accommodation standards.

You can find a summary of the information that will be required to complete the application form in our application guides.

Note: personal information about individuals is requested for purposes including to enable national police checks. For more details refer to the Labour Hire Authority Privacy Policy.

Fit and proper person test

The  Authority will conduct a 'fit and proper person' assessment for each relevant person included in an application.

A person or a body corporate will not be a fit and proper person under the LHL Act at the time the application is made if they have within the last:

If you are uncertain about meeting the fit and proper person test, you should seek legal advice.

An applicant will need to declare that, to their knowledge, they comply with:

Applicants who are not yet conducting a business that provides labour hire services will be required to declare that they have in place a plan to comply with the above laws and submit this to the Labour Hire Authority on request.

Accommodation and Transport

Applicants will be required to tell the Authority if any relevant person involved in the labour hire business intends to procure or provide accommodation or transport in connection with the labour hire service.

Applicants will also need to declare that:  

For more information about your obligations related to accommodation and transport, click the links below:

Licence costs

The specific application and licence fees that will apply are set out in the Labour Hire Licensing Regulations 2018.

Application fee

An application fee will need to be paid when you apply for a licence. This fee will not be refunded in the event the application is withdrawn or is unsuccessful. Please visit the Licence costs and fees page for more information.

Licence fee

Please visit the Licence costs and fees page for more information.