Welcome to the Labour Hire Authority's June e-News 2020

30 June 2020

The Labour Hire Authority is directly contacting Nominated Officers to help providers understand their ongoing legal obligations around pay and awards.

Awards are legal documents that outline the minimum pay rates and conditions of employment. There are more than 100 industry or occupation awards that cover most people who work in Australia.

Employers should be aware that:

  • The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has announced an increase to minimum wages and that this applies to all award wages.
  • FWC has been reviewing all modern awards and the new awards are taking effect throughout this year.​
  • In addition to very likely being covered by an award, all workers are also entitled to the National Employment Standards.

The Authority is also continuing to undertake compliance, enforcement and licensing activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our licensing and compliance and enforcement officers have requested further information from labour hire providers and are conducting a number of enquiries. The Authority has also assessed and granted over 3,100 licences across all industries and continues to assist businesses to submit complete applications for assessment.