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Host responsibilities

Unfortunately, some organisations are requiring all their service providers to obtain labour hire licences without considering whether the arrangement is for the provision of labour hire services, and in some circumstances hosts are requiring their service providers to provide confirmation that a labour hire licence is not necessary. 

Hosts should refer to the Authority’s website, the Act and Regulations to consider whether their own arrangements are for the provision of labour hire services.

Objecting to a licence application

Persons or organisations who have an interest in the protection of workers or the integrity of the labour hire industry (Interested Persons) may make an objection to a licence application or renewal within 14 days of notice of the application being published on the Authority’s website.

Labour hire scope scenarios

Our website provides a range of scope scenarios to help give you an idea of what is and is not labour hire. These scenarios have been developed in response to your feedback and will be progressively updated. 

You can find a range of scenarios through these links:

These examples are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. You should consider your particular circumstances when determining whether you require a labour hire licence. If you are unsure, you should seek legal advice.

Applying for a licence: Information relating to workers

As part of the application for a labour hire licence, the Authority asks for information from providers about the total number of workers they supplied to hosts in the 12 months before the date of the application, or expect to supply to hosts during the 12 month period after a licence comes into forces.

The Authority may require additional information depending on the circumstances.

You can find examples of what information is required here: download PDF.

Common application mistakes to avoid

Since applications opened on 29 April, the Authority has noticed that many labour hire providers have made simple mistakes in their applications which has caused delays.

Trustees must be the applicants for trusts

Trustees must be the applicants for trusts

When applying for a licence on behalf of a trust, the applicant must be a natural person or an organisation, not the trust.

This is because a trust is a relationship, not a legal entity, and cannot be an applicant for a licence or a licensee, if the application is successful.

Click 'Read More' to view scenarios of individuals and corporations acting as trustees and applying for a licence.

Incomplete applications are causing delays

Since applications opened on 29 April, the Labour Hire Authority (Authority) has noticed that many labour hire providers have made simple mistakes in their applications which has caused delays.

To help applicants gather the information needed to complete a licence application the Authority has put together a helpful application guide checklist. Please use the guide to ensure that everything is provided in the application for us to complete the assessment of your application. 

You can view the most significant causes of delayed assessments by clicking 'Read More'.


Upcoming Events

The Authority will continue to provide information sessions about the labour hire licensing scheme across metropolitan and regional Victoria.

The following are scheduled in August.

Fair Labour Hire for Victoria

The Victorian Labour Hire Licensing Scheme has now commenced. 

The Minister for Industrial Relations Tim Pallas announced the beginning of the scheme today, aimed at making the labour hire system fairer for workers, businesses and providers.